What To Know About Birth Injury Due to Malpractice

To hear that your child was born with an illness or injury can be devastating news. If you recently found out that your child’s birth injury could have been prevented, it can add insult to injury. You did everything possible to keep your baby safe and healthy only to find out that a medical error harmed him or her. 

As a birth injury lawyer from an office like Hall Justice Law Firm can explain, when a baby suffers a birth injury, the law may be able to help. In fact, birth injury lawyers specialize in injuries that could have been avoided if the baby had adequate medical care. Can a birth injury lawyer help with your specific case?

How Preventable Was the Injury?

Accidents can happen and some babies are born with various injuries and illnesses that no one could have foreseen or prevented. Not all injuries are considered negligent or malpractice. When you go to a doctor to deliver your baby, you expect him or her to have the experience necessary to avoid accidents that could result in severe conditions, such as cerebral palsy.

Ask yourself if the injury would have happened if other doctors helped you correctly? Could you have had less of a chance of injury if you delivered the baby alone? If most doctors would not have made the same mistakes, then you may be owed compensation.

What Is Medical Malpractice During Child Birth?

There are a variety of medical errors that can lead to injuries in childbirth. When you go to the doctor, you expect a high standard of care. If someone is negligent, it can risk your life and the life of your baby. Some mistakes doctors make include infection in the mother and fetus, improper use of forceps, excessive force during delivery, improper delivery of medications.

A birth injury can cause a devastating financial impact on a family. If you have collected medical bills or if your child has a disability or lower quality of life, you may be entitled to financial compensation. If your baby was healthy before birth, you should always question the procedure.

Before you file a lawsuit against your doctor, talk with a birth injury lawyer as soon as possible. He or she can guide you through the process. Not to mention, if you have any uncertainties about the case, the lawyer will make sure that you have a valid birth injury. Birth injury lawyers will gather evidence such as medical records, personal recollections and other evidence to prove your case.