Many people mistakenly believe that “traffic offenses” consist of minor and easily-handled speeding tickets. However, there is a wide range of moving violations that you can be cited for while driving. A traffic offense attorney can protect your rights if you are arrested for a driving offense. These legal professionals are used to dealing with the local courts and know how they may view your case. They can work to achieve a reduction or elimination of your charges. Then, those charges are no longer a threat to your driving record. Keeping your driving record clean means money savings on auto insurance premiums. Here are some of the most common types of traffic offenses for which an attorney can provide representation.

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving or road rage could lead to fines, probation, or even jail time. It leaves a lasting Class 2 misdemeanor on your record and the possibility that your driver’s license will be suspended. If convicted, you could be in a challenging situation that significantly complicates your life. Therefore, you would be well-advised to have a lawyer help you address the charges.

Excessive Speeding

Speeding tickets may seem like a minor violation. However, when the charge is for excessive speeding, you could incur hefty fines, spend some time in jail, be charged with a misdemeanor, and even have your license suspended.

Criminal Speeding

You have likely had a speeding ticket at some time in your life. Even the most careful drivers can unintentionally drive beyond the posted speed limit at timed. However, a substantial difference exists between a civil speeding ticket and a criminal speeding ticket. If you are charged and convicted of criminal speeding, you may face hefty fines, penalties, and be stuck with a misdemeanor charge on your permanent record.

Driving On A Suspended License

It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle on a suspended license. It also has financial implications, such as fines, towing, and storage costs. This offense is usually classified as a misdemeanor, and you could face fines, probation, jail, and a prolonged license suspension.

Drag Racing

If you are accused of racing on a road or highway, the court system will probably try to prosecute you very aggressively. Courts often punish these offenders to the maximum, as high numbers of dangerous and fatal injury accidents occur every day and are often high profile and newsworthy.

Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) Hearings

Being charged with a DUI or using a fake ID can mean not only a criminal proceeding but also a civil case to determine the impact on your driver’s license. Your MVD hearing is the first and best opportunity you have to defend your driving privileges. You don’t want to risk navigating this and any other related hearing alone. Indeed, a suspended license is more than just a minor hassle; it could be detrimental to your family and job responsibilities and your ability to pursue your education.

Reckless Driving

If you have been charged with reckless driving, you might be facing significant jail time and hefty fines, particularly if you have a storied driving history or are a repeat offender. If you are convicted, you could lose your driver’s license and be given jail time.