Symptoms To Watch for After a Crash

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After a car crash, you may want to get home as soon as possible. Between the stress of the moment and the aftermath of dealing with the insurance companies, you may wish for nothing more than to get a good night’s rest.

Is it wise to refuse a medical checkup after a car crash? There are many silent indicators that you may have a more serious injury lurking within. Learn about some of the most dangerous damage your inner body may be trying to tell you about.

Brain Injury Symptoms

A common and serious injury you can suffer in a crash is a traumatic brain injury. Even in mild collisions, the brain can get injured when it hits the skull and bruises. In some cases, there may be bleeding in a major vessel in the brain. You must remain attentive to the way you feel, especially if you experience vomiting, frequent dizzy spells, and a headache that hurts more over time. You may also feel more exhausted than usual and want to sleep much more. On the flip side, you may also experience insomnia. These are all signs that the brain may be injured. When a brain injury is left unchecked and untreated, you run the risk of stroke.

Internal Bleeding Signs

You may have felt the impact in one place of your body, but that does not mean you should ignore symptoms in another area. You may have internal bleeding in an organ, especially in your abdomen. This can happen if you strike something in the vehicle that causes a deep bruising and bleeding in organ tissue beneath the surface. Your kidneys, liver, stomach and spleen may all be dealt a blow that causes them to bleed. Pay attention to any bruising that appears and a worsening of the color. If the bruising grows over time and remains black or dark purple, it means something is bleeding inside.

Back Injury Indicators

Many back injuries produce pain immediately. However, you may not understand how severe the damage is without a proper medical check. A backache may seem plausible after a crash. Your muscles throughout your body may be sore due to impact and even stress. But, you should remain aware of the type of pain you feel in your back and what else is off. A slipped disc or vertebrae fracture may push onto the cord, causing numbness, tingling and pain elsewhere in the body. Without intervention, the damage to the cord may become permanent.

Seek medical attention even for minor accidents. Contact a car accident lawyer such as Unidos Legales who can guide you through the process of receiving compensation for your injuries.