Civil Rights Lawyer Washington, D.C

About Washington D.C civil rights Law.

Civil Rights Lawyer Washington, D.C

A civil rights lawyer in Washington D.C is a type of law professional that specializes in the protection of people’s civil rights and liberties. These are rights granted by the United States Constitution.  

Civil rights refer to basic rights that every citizen in the U.S. has under the laws of the American government. This includes protection from discrimination based on age, gender, religion, skin colour, disability or nationality.

 In order to combat discrimination, Washington D.C has an extensive human rights act that makes discrimination illegal based on 21 protected traits. This act protects anyone visiting, living or working in Washington, D.C. 

The traits protected by the Human Rights Act include;

1.     Race

2.     Colour

3.     Religion

4.     Country of origin

5.     Sex

6.     Age

7.     Marital status

8.     Personal appearance

9.     Sexual orientation

10.  Gender identity or expression

11.  Political affiliation

12.  Family status

13.  Family responsibility

14.  Physical or mental disability

15.  Matriculation

16.  Genetic information

17.  Place of residence or business

18.  Source of income

19.  Credit information

20.  Status as a victim of domestic violence

21.  Status as a family member of a victim of domestic violence

What you can expect to recover from a civil rights Lawyer.

It is the responsibility of civil rights lawyers to fight for justice and equality for their clients. This includes upholding the rights of men, women and children, regardless of their race, religion, colour or sexual preference, as well as individuals whose civil rights were violated by law enforcement. Civil rights lawyers also represent the parents of special needs students who may have been neglected or abused by school staff, other students or third parties.

Civil rights lawyers perform a variety of tasks while in the process of aiding their clients. They perform research for cases, draft legal documents, argue cases in court and negotiate settlements. They also keep up with laws and regulations in their local area pertaining to civil rights that may change over time. When a person’s rights have been violated, that individual has the right to file a civil lawsuit against the individual or institution responsible. 

If you believe you have been denied housing, employment, or other basic rights, or you believe you have been unfairly targeted because of your race, colour religion, sex, or other trait protected by the human rights act, you may be able to sue for damages.

A Civil rights Lawyer in Washington, D.C can help you seek damages for;

·      Lost wages. If you were terminated by an employer for any of the reasons protected by the Human Rights Act, you may be able to sue for lost wages, both past and future. This could also include benefits such as health and life insurance, lost upon termination. 

·      Pain and suffering. If you have suffered emotional distress or physical pain because of the discrimination you have experienced, you may be entitled to awards.

·      Punitive damages. These may be awarded to plaintiff as a punishment against the person or entity that committed discrimination.

When do I need a civil rights lawyer?

You may need a civil rights lawyer if you feel that your civil rights have been violated in some way. At Eric Siegel Law, we provide legal representation and guide you through the steps of obtaining justice. 

There are many types of civil rights violations, such as cruel and unusual punishment, unreasonable searches and seizures, abuse by a public official, losing a job or a promotion due to discrimination or discrimination due to an insincere belief. With a qualified civil rights lawyer in Washington, D.C by your side, you can fight against unjust treatment.

Get representation.

You may be wondering if you really need a civil rights lawyer or whether you can manage the lawsuit on your own. As most people are not familiar with all the complex laws that surround civil rights, it is important to have a legal professional on your side. Without a civil rights lawyer, you may find that your attempt to sue another person for a civil rights violation does not have a favourable outcome. You may not receive the settlement that you deserve or any settlement at all. It is hard to prove a violation of your civil rights, but a reputable lawyer at Eric Siegel Law can advise you on your chances of winning your case.

If you believe that you are a victim of a civil rights violation, acquire the guidance of a qualified civil rights lawyer in Washington D.C such as Eric Siegel Law.